Demonstrate Competency

'A firm must not assess an employee as competent to carry on an activity until the employee has demonstrated the necessary competence to do so...'


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"Our Appointed Representatives are often amazed at the scope of quality information that is available within the Competent Adviser platform. Above all, they appreciate the ability to test their knowledge as they go along." Tony Lewis,
Competence Scheme Manager


At Competent Adviser our whole ethos is built around providing the financial services firm of today with the training and competency assessment tools they require to be able to demonstrate that all individuals within their organisation are, and remain, competent in their role.

The vast range of knowledge and questions contained within our unique system provides you with the ability to test your staff on ALL types of products both at the generic and provider specific level as well as on other key topics such as TCF, Anti Money Laundering, Data Protection, Consumer Credit etc.

Along with that, one of the key attractions of our system is the way we work hand in hand with you to host and maintain all of your company specific manuals, procedures, forms and question banks, all of which are held within the secure company-specific part of our platform, only accessible by you and your employees.

Our testing system, supported by our extensive question bank, will assess individual competency, work out each individual's strengths and weaknesses and create a bespoke learning programme designed to ensure full competency within the shortest possible timescale, whilst our sophisticated Reporting Suite will provide you with all the data you need to comply with the Regulator's requirements.

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